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When menopause symptoms are kicking your arse a bit of simple self-care can make all the difference. Dry skin becomes a problem for a lot of women due to fluctuating levels of oestrogen which cause the skin to dry out and lose elasticity. 

Using a good moisturiser for your face as well as your body is essential. Loads of women neglect their feet though! Your feet don’t half take a bashing every day and yet most of us don’t look after them much at all. 

Treating your feet can be a lovely part of your self-care routine whilst treating the skin of this often neglected part of the body.

Using home remedies for dry skin is a simple, affordable option for lasting relief though. I’ve put together a list of easy at-home options you can use.


Soak and exfoliate


To get rid of dry, cracked heels, soak your feet in warm, soapy water for about thirty minutes and gently scrub your heels with a pumice stone to remove the layer of dry skin.

If a pumice stone is too rough, try using a loofah to scrub the dry skin away. If you don’t have a pumice stone, try making a paste with salt and water to rub onto your heels before rinsing off. After exfoliating, dry and moisturise your feet. Petroleum jelly is an excellent option that protects and moisturises very dry, cracked skin.

Put a layer of the petroleum jelly on each heel and put socks on to keep the moisturiser in place (it also stops it from messing up your sheets). Wear the socks overnight.


Fruit packs  


Fruit packs are a simple option to treat dry, cracked heels. To make a fruit pack, mash a banana thoroughly, spread the mashed fruit over your heels, and put socks on to keep the fruit pack in place. Leave the banana on your feet for at least 20 minutes and apply a moisturiser after washing the fruit pack off of your feet.

You can also leave the banana on overnight if you want to promote faster healing. Other ways to use natural ingredients on cracked heels include the following:

  • Replace the banana with an avocado.
  • Mix equal amounts of olive oil and oatmeal to make an exfoliating paste that soothes irritation.
  • Spread a thin layer of honey on each heel for an antimicrobial, antioxidant-rich home remedy.
  • Massage your heels with coconut oil to moisturise skin and help prevent both bacterial and fungal infections.

You can leave most food-based home remedies on your feet overnight for faster symptom relief, but you might want to protect your bed and covers with an extra sheet in case you lose your socks while you sleep!


Preventing Dry Skin


You can take steps to prevent dry skin on your feet. Some simple methods include:

  • wearing shoes that cover your heel (soz, I can’t comply with this one in the summer!)
  • drinking plenty of water to keep your skin well-hydrated
  • to prevent stripping your skin of naturally protective oils, use warm, rather than hot, water for showers and baths. This also helps with hot flushes
  • regularly soaking, exfoliating and moisturising your feet is the most effective way to prevent cracked heels. Add Epsom salt to warm water for a healing foot soak that encourages good circulation in your feet. Alternatively, add vinegar to your foot soak to prevent infections if you currently have cracked heels

Home remedies can provide lasting relief using natural products and ingredients, offering you a simpler, safer approach to looking after your skin. Plus, you probably already have a lot of the stuff in your kitchen anyway! Loads of these tips also apply to other dry areas of your body such as face and elbows too. (Not the vadge though sorry, that requires something a bit more specialist 😉)

Off you go then and treat those trotters!?


Hi, I'm Kerry. I'm a menopause coach for women who want to take control of their menopause and do it their way.


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