We are bombarded with media statistics every day, but how much of this data is reliable? On this course, you’ll learn how to read and evaluate data in the media and how to stay alert to misleading statistics and fake news. You’ll find out how data is created, and how survey formats can affect outcomes. You’ll also learn the basic principles of data analysis, such as correlation and causation and margins of sampling error. Ultimately, assessing data and looking for intentionally or unintentionally misleading statistics will help you become a better-informed citizen and to make better decisions about things such as your health.


A timely and efficient humanitarian response can save lives during emergencies and disasters. On this course, you will explore theoretical and practical perspectives of humanitarian response. Examining the wider humanitarian context and the disaster management cycle, you will develop knowledge of how people can help in humanitarian crises.


In a time when suicide rates amongst menopausal women are rising, increasing your knowledge about this preventable cause of death could help save a life. On this course you will gain a broader understanding of suicide as a worldwide issue. You will analyse global suicide rates and patterns and explore common risk factors. You will also explore the social and cultural factors that can influence suicidal behaviour and look at suicide prevention strategies and learn how these can be enforced.


As our world continues to face some huge challenges, how can we act as global citizens to create a fairer society for all? Get an introduction to what global citizenship is, and what it means to be part of a global community, with this online course. You’ll explore approaches to globalisation and citizenship, and the opportunities and challenges that a global community creates. You’ll learn about global inequalities in healthcare, science and technology, and the tensions between local and global issues. You will also find out what you can do to make an impact.


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