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In the last post, I talked about the importance of good physical fitness and consulting a health care professional. In this post, I’m going to talk about the benefits of reading a good fitness blog.

The message about staying fit and healthy is constantly rammed down our throats at every turn, but how hard you should be pushing yourself depends on your level of fitness and your physical health. As I mentioned in the last post, you should kick off any new fitness plan with a doctor’s visit and their recommendations, regarding your physical condition and optimal target heart rate.


Educate yourself


You should also educate yourself and one way you can do this is by reading fitness blogs and watching fitness vlogs. Fitness blogs and vlogs are a great way to keep up on the latest trends and techniques. They’re also a great motivator and can help motivate you to get started.

Fitness blogs and vlogs are designed to provide you with current facts and information that you can use to make sure you do what works for you and have support and guidance to know how to do it correctly.

Most fitness blogs and vlogs provide you with straightforward, reliable information and practical tips about fitness. The topics will range from basic information about healthy foods to training advice from health and fitness experts.




A benefit of a good fitness blog or vlog and following their social media stuff such as FB pages, is that they are often filled with inspirational stories from successful people that can be very motivational. They can also provide you with a simple, systematic approach to managing your own health and fitness.

Best of all, fitness blogs offer convenience. They pull together a collection of easy to consume information, tips and techniques that you can use to help stay informed, motivated and on track to your fitness goals. Loads of them also often offer free challenges and support so you can dip your toe in the water and find something that you enjoy and works for you.

When it comes to choosing the right fitness blogs and vlogs to suit your needs there are a wide variety available in topics ranging from running to weight training, yoga, Pilates and tennis. Some are written specifically for men, women, teens and seniors, so it really depends on who you are and what you enjoy.

To find the one that’s right for you all you have to do is a google search where you’ll find literally thousands to choose from.  So, if you haven’t subscribed to at least one fitness blog or vlog, you should definitely give it a try.


Get started…..


Some ones you might want to check out to get started are:

Get Fit with Rick. Rick does walking workouts that can be done in your living room.

Yoga with Adriene. Adriene has a huge range of yoga workouts to suit you level and time commitment.

Fit Bottomed Girls. This is a great blog that takes a holistic approach to women’s health and fitness whilst promoting anti-diet culture.

Make sure you look for the next post soon. I’ll be talking about staying fit by playing sports.


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