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In the last post, I talked about some of the different types of exercises and training techniques you can include in your workouts. In this post, I’m going to talk about setting your home fitness goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a home with lots of space and a large garden, or a flat with limited space, you can always find ways to stay active.


Indoor stuff


Does your home have stairs?

Begin by walking up and down the stairs as many times as you can before getting too tired. Climb up and down the stairs every day, gradually increasing the number of times you can do it. This will strengthen the muscle groups in your legs and core, as well as use enough energy to burn a good amount of calories.

Cleaning the house

You can create a home fitness routine to do while you clean house. Hoovering, sweeping and dusting involves stretching, twisting and bending, and you will burn calories and build muscle if you perform these chores energetically. Blast those guilty pleasure tunes to get you in the zone!


Outdoor stuff


If you have a home with outdoor space, there are loads of fitness opportunities waiting outside your door, including in the chores you need to do anyway. Perhaps you have a lawn to mow. If your garden isn’t very big you could use a push lawn mower (one that doesn’t have a motor). This will force you to do a lot of walking, turning and bending at least a couple of times every week during the summer months.

If you live in a flat with no outdoor space of your own don’t worry, you can still get creative by walking in a nearby park during the warmer months. When it’s too cold for the park, try an indoor shopping mall or a museum. Or you could subscribe to the “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” school of thought and get out into the park all year round.

By using the stuff, you have at hand, like the stairs, house and gardening, as well as taking advantage of parks and walking routes to walk, jog or run on you’ll be able to stay fit and healthy all year round.




Make sure you have appropriate clothing and footwear when you begin your fitness routine. It’s important to start slowly and build up to the fitness level you want and remember to always check with your doctor before beginning a new fitness routine.

Keep an eye out for the next post where I’ll be talking some more about the importance of physical fitness and consulting a health care professional.


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