You’ve been having a load of shitty symptoms, you’re struggling at work, your relationships are affected and you don’t feel like you even know what’s happening to you, let alone being able to explain it to anyone else.

You’ve looked online, joined forums, seen your GP and yet you’re still feeling shitty and overwhelmed.

You want the symptoms to stop. You want to stop feeling overwhelmed. You need help at work but don’t know what or who to ask for it. You need a plan for what happens next. I can help.

Let me help you to get a handle on those symptoms, work out what your next steps are and deal with all those unanswered questions.

1:1 Coaching

Get tailored 1:1 support that begins with a full and holistic assessment to identify the areas you need support in. 12 weeks of support and guidance to help get you on track. 

Happy Hour

This one-off call will help give you answers to a particular problem you might be having. You will leave the call with answers and a plan. to help you move forward.