You’re on the menopause rollercoaster

  • You’re having symptoms and struggling to manage them
  • You’re getting no support from your GP. They don’t take you seriously & fob you off
  • Life feels like an uphill battle. You’re overwhelmed & trying to adapt to your new normal

Honestly, I get it. Hi, I’m Kerry and I can relate. Our stories may not be the same but then that’s the nature of menopause. Let me tell you a bit about my story……I’m a qualified nurse with 20 years experience. I’ve worked in a few different roles in my career but whether they were colleagues or patients, I’ve always worked with women who were navigating menopause. Over the years I’ve developed my knowledge and skills with training and personal development and I’ve supported many women. It wasn’t until I started having symptoms myself around 6 years ago that I could really relate.

In the meantime, I’ve also had to get on with life and went through some tough times which resulted in some big life changes. In a nutshell, my husband JT and I went through a rough patch that really affected both of our mental health. It was either split or make some changes. We made some changes.

So….we decided to move to France! Well, actually, we decided to move to Italy! We had a lovely week in Tuscany looking at houses and returned home to start making plans such as putting our house on the market and researching all the practical stuff such as registering with the Italian tax office and getting into the healthcare system. We also booked flights for a few weeks later and started planning more viewings.

It was a chat with our accountant in the meantime that shit all over our plans.

Basically, some changes in the Italian tax laws meant that there was an additional €12,000 a year of tax to pay which we hadn’t counted on. We were gutted. We wanted to move to live a simpler life with less stress and just generally be physically and mentally better off. This was a game-changer. We had to regroup.

The next day I went to work. Within an hour of being at work, I got a call from my husband JT. His opening sentence was “What’s your thoughts on France?”. I’d spent exactly 10 days total in France in my entire life and that was over 3 trips. It was safe to say, I didn’t know much about France! JT had been looking at houses online since he’d gotten out of bed and liked what he saw. He asked what area I’d like to live in and I didn’t want to live in Paris or Nice so the only other area I’d been to was the Charente. He narrowed his search and so the rest of the day was spent with my phone pinging every few minutes with links to houses he’d seen for me to approve or decline!

I couldn’t believe how much house we could get for our money! We cancelled our flights to Italy for the following week and booked a channel tunnel ticket. The next week was a logistical nightmare of shoehorning as many viewings as possible into the 5 days we had.

We had a lovely 5 days in France and fell in love with the second house we saw on the first day. We fit in a 2nd viewing and put an offer in the next day, it was accepted the day after and we moved 3 months later! It was a bit of a whirlwind but we wouldn’t change it. We now live in a lovely higgledy-piggledy converted barn with a little cottage that we rent out in the summer. We also have 3 decent-sized gardens which mean spending lots of time outdoors and a steep learning curve on the gardening front!

I still needed to work so I got back into freelance occupational health nursing which meant I could work online from France. I worked with loads of businesses from huge Government organisations down to medium-sized businesses. One of the most common referrals I would receive regardless of the industry was for women struggling with menopausal symptoms which were massively fucking with their lives. 

Because my own symptoms had kicked in by then, I could relate!

Since then I’ve invested in my training and development to increase my skills and knowledge in all things menopause. I’ve also pivoted my business to focus on menopause coaching and support as I’ve noticed there’s a huge gap in services and support in this area.

I learned that whilst menopause is an inevitable part of being a woman, it can come with many challenges and also often, coincides with a time in our lives where we are experiencing big lifestyle changes such as children leaving home, becoming a grandparent or taking on caring responsibilities for ageing parents. I started Kerry Taylor Menopause Coach to support women with this transition whilst juggling the demands of day to day life and responsibilities.

I know you can’t just walk away from work, your family and other commitments (no matter how tempting it is at times!). I know that you’re feeling a bit lost and want to discover you and who you will be in this next stage of your life. I know you’re struggling with symptoms that are affecting your day-to-day life and hinder you from getting stuff done or doing the stuff you want to do. 

I believe that with some support and direction, you can have a plan to help you manage your physical and mental symptoms and map out what the next stage of your life looks like.

Life in your 40s and 50s can be a juggling act at the best of times let alone feeling anxious for 20 hours of the day or experiencing your own personal heatwave once an hour! Obviously I’m generalising and exaggerating but you get the point. 

Menopause gets a bad rep and is seen as a negative experience. For many women (and men) it also carries connotations of getting old and being dry and barren and this can be a huge blow to your identity as a woman. This inevitably impacts on your experience of menopause and means you overlook the positives and the good bits of moving into this new phase of your life. It’s scientifically proven that having a positive mindset influences your health and wellbeing in a positive way. Conversely, a negative mindset means a negative experience. Granted, it’s a struggle some days to look at menopause positively but that’s where I can help!


I’m not a typical coach in that I’m not all “woo”. I don’t rely on crystals to tell me how I’ll feel that day and I don’t believe that the universe will just give me what I want if I think about it really hard for a few minutes each morning.

I tell it like it is and I believe in using all the tools at your disposal and keeping life simple. 

It works for me and it can work for you too. 

If you want some help to embrace your menopause, gain control over your symptoms and start living a more positive and balanced life, let’s get started!

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