You might feel that menopause is the end. It’s not though!

Menopause is an opportunity to embrace the next stage of your life and thrive in your best years.

It can be a really lonely and confusing time though. Symptoms can really affect your day-to-day life and it might feel like you’re losing the plot and the people around you don’t understand or know how to help.

Menopause coaching will absolutely help you if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • menopause symptoms – including weight gain and psychological symptoms
  • issues at work
  • imposter syndrome
  • lost your mojo
  • low confidence and/or self-esteem
  • relationship challenges
  • feeling unattractive
  • dealing with changing priorities
  • not knowing what’s next
  • your usual coping strategies are not working

Coaching will help you to understand what areas you’re not thriving in and guide you with a mixture of practical and emotional support as well as a kick up the arse when you need it.

    When you start researching perimenopause and menopause you’ll find lots of confusing and conflicting information. 

    One source of support that you may have already accessed are social media support groups such as on Facebook. One thing I quickly realised after joining some of those groups though was that menopause is like raising children; everyone’s got an opinion on how to do it right!

    The thing with menopause though is that no two women will have the same experience of it.

    Yeah you might have the same symptoms or some of the same difficulties but it’s not just about the symptoms. It’s about your personality, your lifestyle, your body, your current and past health and your attitude.

    All of these and more will influence your menopause and how you experience it.

    There’s no one size fits all here and it’s important to figure out what’s not working for you and finding what does.

    That’s where coaching comes in. We will work together to create a plan and develop strategies to tackle areas you’re struggling with. Our sessions will be done remotely either by telephone or your preferred video platform (i.e. Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.)

    We start with a full assessment of your current and past health and lifestyle. 

    This is not a wishy-washy questionnaire. It’s a full nursing assessment. This allows me to get a full picture of your health and lifestyle. It will gather information about your past and present health including your gynaecological and obstetric history, sexual history, family history, allergies, medication, lifestyle habits, current employment and current symptoms.

    It is also helpful for me to understand what strategies, treatments or support you’ve tried so far and how this has impacted you. 

    I will send you this questionnaire to complete and return to me prior to your first session. This gives me time to review it and means that our first session is a focussed and action planning session. The bones of your action plan will be formed during this session and you will leave with a solid but flexible plan for the following weeks and peace of mind that you’ve taken the first steps to taking control and doing menopause your way. Whilst you will have a plan, it’s not set in stone. I’m aware that menopause throws you curve balls! If you come to a session and there is a more pressing or important area you need to work on, we adapt. This is a about you and for you so I work with you.

    Most women will have 6 coaching sessions and they will be carried out every 2 weeks online or by telephone. 

    I find that this is enough time for you to try any strategies or support we discuss and to reflect on sessions in between. Part of your support may involve trying new things and / or making changes to your environment or lifestyle. For this reason, you might want to leave a bit longer between sessions to assess impact or results. This is absolutely fine and we will always schedule the next session at the end of the previous one.

    Why work with me?

    I get it, there are loads of coaches out there who have a special interest in menopause. There are also lots of menopause specialist nurses who will only focus on your symptoms and improving them.

    Working with me will give you the best of both worlds! 

    I am a qualified nurse and coach with specialist training in menopause. I am also a qualified fitness instructor and have additional training to provide nutrition advice.

    I can provide best practice clinical advice and guidance on treatment and symptom management as well as addressing the lifestyle impact your menopause is having. 

    Menopause is a huge transition and a confusing time where you may be reconsidering your priorities and goals whilst not feeling your best or at the top of your game. 

    I can help you to look at the bigger picture and get a handle on all that. What would it finally feel like to be in control of your menopause and embrace the exciting transition to the next stage of your life?? Find out now!

    Find out if 1:1 coaching is right for you

    If you’re not sure how coaching can help you or whether we’re the right fit to work together, fill in the form below and we can set up a time for a chat. There’s no charge for this and no pressure to buy any services.

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    I’m already having treatment through my GP or other health professional. Can I still work with you?

    It would be helpful to have a brief chat with your first to understand what type of treatment you’re having. However, there would be very few circumstances where coaching would not be helpful alongside other treatment and support. If a chat with you establishes that it’s not appropriate at this time, I’m happy to signpost you to other more appropriate support or discuss when would be a good timeframe work together.

    Will there be any additional costs?

    There are no additional costs other than the stated price for the coaching package. I don’t sell any products nor am I affiliated with any companies. It is possible we will discuss options for support and for some people, this might be in the form of supplements for example. However, I never recommend or sell specific products. This would be entirely your choice and I will guide you solely on the evidence base for using such products.

    Do you offer a payment plan?

    Yes. I would hate for you to be unable to access support purely because you can’t pay upfront. I am happy to discuss options so please just ask.

    Can you prescribe medication such as HRT?

    I cannot prescribe HRT but I do have training in HRT. I can advise on risks and benefits and the different types, routes and regimens available. HRT is a complex area and one still misunderstood by GP’s. If it is a treatment option you wish to pursue, I can provide advice and guidance regarding speaking to your GP and requesting what you want. I can also support you with accessing the evidence base for your request to ensure your GP takes it seriously.

    What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

    A therapist focuses on your past and explores issues that require specialised training such as different counselling approaches or therapies. A coach also has specialised training but the focus is very much on the future and moving beyond feeling “stuck.” A coach is your accountability partner and can help you discover your next steps and overcoming barriers that are currently holding you back.

    I do have training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) however, and I do use these techniques in my coaching practice as they are useful tools to bring about change.

    What results can I expect working with you?

    The results are often dependent on you and your determination to engage with the coaching process and my recommendations. Some aspects of menopause are harder to manage than others such as psychological barriers. However a commitment from you to approach the process with an open mind and be prepared to challenge some of your beliefs will most certainly ensure you see positive results. Practical support regarding symptoms and lifestyle issues can also vary depending on the degree of your symptoms. However, a commitment to the process of trial and review with regard to symptom management is usually effective.

    Your assessment and our work together requires me to give a lot of personal and confidential information. How do I know this information is safe with you?

    My nursing registration requires me to adhere to a code of conduct. One of the key pillars is confidentiality. I adhere to GDPR regulations and only keep the minimal identifiable information. Diary entries and notes I keep refer to you with initials only. I will also only retain information such as your clinical and lifestyle questionnaire for the duration of our time working together. After this time it is deleted. I do retain notes but they are anonymised. I also encourage you to send any sensitive information such as your clinical and lifestyle questionnaire by email password protected. 

    I am required to retain information such as invoices for tax purposes. I again ensure the minimal amount of identifiable information is on there and they are stored password protected.