Hi, I’m Kerry

I live in a teeny, beautiful hamlet in South West France after relocating from the North East of England. Now I’d love to tell you that I exercise every day, eat a vegan diet, recycle everything, have a minimalist home, meditate daily, blah, blah, you get the picture. However, that’s not me. I’m somewhere in the middle. I strive to do all of those things but I’m just a normal person with an imperfect life where shit happens. What I do try to do is my bit. My bit to contribute to my community, the environment and my personal wellness. All the small things add up! And believe me, I’m into the small things. I don’t want to be doing stuff that involves big sweeping changes and a ton of time because I know I won’t stick to it!

Wellbeing is where I get my geek on and I’m keen to share my skills, knowledge and experience with others to help them be their best self.

My blog is intended as a resource to help you explore making changes and working towards being your best self. I aim to do this in a practical and sustainable way that will enhance and enrich the life you already have. So basically, stuff you can do that makes you look, feel and act better but without too much effort or disruption. This is what I did. I was stuck in a rut and wanted to shake things up. So I did. My blog will help you do the same. Eyebrows will raise when you casually drop into conversation how your compost bin is coming on or that you made your own lip balm at the weekend all whilst still binge watching Queer Eye and necking a bottle of wine!

Let’s get real, you’re not going to catch me camping in a tree house protesting a coal mining site. That doesn’t mean I don’t care though. I show it in other ways that allow me to feel good about making a difference and I can still have freshly washed hair and use my straighteners. It’s a win win and you can have it too! Maybe that’s all you’re looking for and that’s fine. Dive in, I hope you find some useful stuff. Maybe though, you need a bit more help in just getting your shit together generally. That’s where some help with navigating it all might come in handy. You can pop across to this page to find out more.

Or, to get started grab your free copy of my e book 101 ways to a better you below!

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