Hi, I’m Kerry

I’m a wellbeing enthusiast and a red wine, cheese and kitten lover. You’re here so I’m assuming you’re keen on looking after yourself and trying to be your best self? Well, you’re in the right place. Have a browse, be inspired. 

Write your own life mission statement

Most major corporations and businesses have a mission statement. Why? Because it hones in on the purposes and goals of the company. A mission statement gives people a clear and unambiguous guide to what the company aims to achieve. Basically, you know who they are and...

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What does living life to the fullest really look like?

You’ve probably heard the saying 'live life to the fullest' a million times. Haven't we all? It's something that we often strive for, whether that’s unconsciously or not. It's something that we pride ourselves on and hope we can inspire others to do, too. What does it...

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