Hi, I’m Kerry

I’m a wellbeing enthusiast and a red wine, cheese and kitten lover. You’re here so I’m assuming you’re keen on looking after yourself and trying to be your best self? Well, you’re in the right place. Have a browse, be inspired. 

To Do List Success Tips

The humble to do list is a powerful tool. It doesn't matter whether you create and keep a digital list using an app or a pen and paper. What matters is that you create and use your lists every day to help you get and stay organised. The following tips will ensure that...

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Meditation in 5 easy steps

If you’re anything like I used to be, you may think that meditation is just for monks and hippies. How my mindset has changed! It’s also not really what I thought it was (i.e. chanting and ohming). JT and I spent a few weeks in Thailand last year and it got me really...

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Cultivate your own motivating morning routine

How would it feel to start your day motivated and organised? Amazing, epic, fabulous? Yes. You’d know what you were doing, that everything was sorted and you’d feel like you were nailing life. Surprisingly, it wouldn’t take much to get a great start to your day every...

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