Hi, I’m Kerry

I’m a wellbeing enthusiast and a red wine, cheese and kitten lover. You’re here so I’m assuming you’re keen on looking after yourself and trying to be your best self? Well, you’re in the right place. Have a browse, be inspired. 

Small choices, big impact

You might think you can’t make a difference to the state of the planet on your own. But do not underestimate your power. One person can make a huge difference to the world around them by just making a few small changes in their life. These changes really don’t seem to...

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Thought for the day

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde. An eccentric and brilliant mind who was obviously very insightful! Hi there, I’m Kerry. I’m a wellbeing enthusiast who loves red wine, cheese and kittens. I’m originally from the north east of England but now...

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Coping strategies to manage emotional eating

Emotional eating is when food is used to soothe with difficult emotions. It is one of the most common strategies people use to feel better when under stress or when dealing with uncomfortable emotions. If you didn’t see my earlier post on this you can find it here. It...

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